Orchid Tour

If you have an interest in Orchids then you can find no better place to start your exploration other than Orchid garden. There are some 80 species in the cultivation and their central location allows access to 150 Orchids species in a natural setting.

We can arrange a wild orchid tour. It is only a resort with an Orchid guide in Nepal.

Bird Watching

Nepal is a bird watcher's paradise with over 800 spices of bird. Hetauda with a locality at the foot of the Mahabarat range and with its altitude of 474 m is a convenient stopover point for high altitude birds seeking a warm spot to winter. The story of the Ibisbill, one of these high altitude birds, follows later. Undoubtedly there a many of this type that pass through to furthur points south. In hetauda the bird watching spot is Rapti River, Fish Farming Area, Forestry Campus. There are many resident birds from the cattle egrets that roost above the Hanauman Mandir in center town, the swallows that nest in shop overhangs near the King Mahendra statue at the crossroads, the over present minah and the cheery red vented bul buls feasting in the mulberry trees. However Hetauda's location close to the Dun and Hill sal forest and to the plentiful supply of water in rivers and fish farm provides an environment conducive to satisfying bird watching. In addition there are the large protected bird populations in the Parsa Wildlife Reserve some twenty km south. This Reserve is continuous with the Royal Chitwan National Park accessible some twenty five km west.



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